Special Orders

Comfy Critters is all about making your critters comfortable, happy and healthy, and we will be more than happy to create a special order for you to purchase food and medications for your pets. We can also try and find though our supplier network that special item you have been looking for. Sadly as a small business and the perishable nature of foods and medications we simply are unable to hold stock of these items in the online store which is why we are offering this service. Over time we may add these items to the store as Special Order items.

Through our supplier network we have access to following brands.

  • Worming, Fleas & Ticks Treatments
    Advantage, Advantix, Advocate, Bravecto, Confortis, Credelio, Drontal, Endogard, Evicto, Frontline, HeartGuard, Interceptor, Kiltix, Milbemax, Milpro, NexGard, NexGard Spectra, Nuheart, Paragard, Profender, Revolution, Revolution Plus, Sentinel, Seresto, Simparica, Simparica Trio, Valuheart
  • Dry Food
    Advance, Billy & Margot, Bonnie, Chum, Drover, Evolution Holistic, CopRice, Hill’s Science Diet, Ivory Coat, Optimum, Pedigree, Pro Plan, Stockman & Paddock, Supercoat
  • Wet Food
    Advance, Billy & Margot, Chum, Dine, Fancy Feast, Hill’s Science Diet, Ivory Coat, Pedigree, Pro Plan

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